Lessons from the Moth on How to Adapt

One of the obvious symbols of change in nature is the butterfly, and its cousin: the moth. Compared to the butterfly, the moth is often left unappreciated. Compared to the 17,500 species of butterfly, there are 160,000 kinds of moths. They are survivors and adapters. Beyond the obvious caterpillar-to-moth change, for more than 60 million years, moths and their natural nemesis: the bat, have been continually trying to outsmart the other through evolution and adaptation. Everyone loves a good arch-enemy story. A bat’s echolocation has traditionally helped it locate an unsuspecting moth minding its own business. We all know how that evening ended. New studies show the Luna moth’s fancy spinning

Change is Meant to Be Uncomfortable

We first make our habits, and then our habits make us. – John Dryden Life is change. Despite that, many of us find comfort and security in the things we do repeatedly, the places we go and the people that surround us day-in and day-out. This past week, someone moved my cheese; and not just mine. It was announced that the gym I’ve been a member of for over 20 years would be closing down. Rents are being doubled and more, almost overnight, in the hot real estate market that is Los Angeles right now. My gym was just one of the many businesses and individuals unable or unwilling to pay the significant increases. As the news of the closing spread, it was the intense emotional reaction from th

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