Remember When a Telephone Was a Telephone?

Remember when we actually spoke live to another person. Heard their voice, their inflections, their emotions and laughter? The letters LOL will never replace the sound of laughter. Period. The awesome old telephones were never meant to replace interaction. It was for brief exchanges, most often to facilitate the meet-up plan. Old Talk is my homage to the old school payphone. Sometimes they rewarded you with a surprise gift of a coin in the return. Sometimes a nice lady would come on and firmly let us know that if we didn’t feed more coins, our call would end. That was nothing more than a challenge to quickly speed up our thoughts and jokes and plans in an impromptu game of beat the clock. It

Our Addiction: Screens as Little Masters

It’s not rational but addiction isn’t rational: the constant staring at screens over interacting with real life. But it’s the impact on the developing brains of kids that's most dramatic and even a little terrifying. Study after study, year after year, all point to the same, wide-ranging results about the over-consumption of digital media on a growing brain. All the texting and surfing and scrolling and playing and chatting and streaming has repeatedly been linked to the development of ADHD, lower levels of happiness, depression, lower self-esteem, less empathy, increased apathy and a general lower psychological well-being. Kids today spend 5-15 hours a day on average staring at screens. The

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