Hummingbirds and the Beauty in Being Earnest

There is no better illustration of the beauty and fulfillment that can be found in daily industriousness than the hummingbird. These busy little birds are a colorful, speedy example of grit. At times it can be a challenge to keep yourself motivated, day after day, as you march towards a goal line. Let’s take some inspiration from what feels like the extreme satisfaction hummingbirds seem to derive from their daily work. I am lucky to share my homestead with a bounty of the Anna’s Hummingbird, who are year-round residents of SoCal and other western locals. And why not? All that migrating and commuting of other humming-and-other birds. Save it. There’s plenty to do right here. But like the res

Self-Discipline is the Key to Success & Well-Being

Research has shown that self-discipline is a greater predictor of success than intelligence. The skill of delaying gratification in order to achieve something longer-term - despite the time and effort it takes to build - is key. It requires committing to a goal and then sticking to it. Researcher Angela Duckworth calls this perseverance and passion for long-term goals: grit. It sounds simple and it is simple but it means doing things we may not feel like doing. It’s about having a solid vision and not being distracted. Nike knows: Just Do It. But human nature wants things to be fast and easy. It takes patience and maturity to not allow the laziness and procrastination to win. "You need to se

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