Before Plastic or Swiping, we had the Queen

Celebrating all that old-school fiscal wisdom, is stately Queen Cash. Called a till in the U.K., this vintage machine was beautifully effective at securing many a merchants’ hard-earned cash. The first cash register was invented just after the Civil War. James Ritty owned a saloon in Ohio and invented the register as a way to stop his employees from embezzling. Its name declared Ritty’s confidence in his new creation. With his brother, they patented the Ritty’s Incorruptible Cashier in 1883. Likely needing to get back to saloon business, Ritty sold his register company just one year later. Renamed, National Cash Register was born. For almost a century, NCR improved the machines, adding the a

Practicing the Financial Habits of our Elders is Like Money in Your Pocket

My father was not quite 4 years old when England joined the Second World War. Those were times of sacrifice: food rationing, wartime blackouts and of the Blitz: Germany’s nearly two months of consecutive bombing over London. Here across the pond, it was also the last year of the Great Depression. Back then, you didn’t have much and what you had, you held on to. This upbringing created a generation of industriousness and thrifty savers: people who pay with cash, don’t spend more than they have and who save for a rainy day. This is the stock from whence I came. Most of us learn the hard way Today in American schools, financial education in mostly lacking. Only 17 states require a personal fina

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