Eight Vital Friends that Keep You Strong

Invented in 1983 as a small doll for his daughter Kate, Chris Wigg’s Polly Pocket was tiny and cartoon-like. By 1989, Polly was licensed and launched by Bluebird Toys in Swindon, England, complete with her own little home. During the 90’s, toy giant Mattel distributed the dolls until what is described as its hostile takeover of Bluebird in 1998. Now, for a toy company, that doesn’t much sound like fun or games. Under Mattel, Polly Pocket dolls grew larger, became more realistic-looking, and came with a whole host of new fashion accessories. These spin-off Fashion Polly! dolls c. 1999 could get dressed in a pinch with cute clothes made with a new flexible rubber material. A later evolution of

Your Friends are Your Future – Choose Wisely

Study after study confirms how seriously we are influenced by the people around us. So powerful the impact in fact, that our friends and family actually determine who we become and what we view as possible for our life. The habits of our peeps become our habits; their tastes and preferences rub off on us. From our moods and how we care for ourselves (or not) to how we manage our money, perform in school, drink or use drugs or whether we perform criminal acts - all have been shown to be influenced by the people we choose as friends. Whether positive or negative, people are contagious. Our chosen friends and partners also affect how we feel about ourselves and our potential. Known as the Miche

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