Seashells: Enchanting Symbols of Life, Death and Remembrance

"Seashells remind us that every passing life leaves something beautiful behind." – Unknown What begins as the body and outer protective layer of diverse and vibrant sea animals, later wash ashore vacant and lifeless, as beautiful, captivating skeletal remains. Seashells are splendid examples of the beauty left behind every life following death; the body being only a shell, where the soul continues on. The intricate spiral shapes of some seashells symbolize eternal life and a safe journey from this world. Shells in Water features a peaceful pink spiral resting among silvery tidepools in southern California. For forever and a day Seashells have been symbols of life and death in religious belie

The Hope and Transformation in Loss and Change

“There is no growth without change; no change without loss; and no loss without pain. And that’s grief.” – Pastor Rick Warren We know that all life ends and that all things change. Pretty basic. But understanding an idea and actually living and wading through times of tough change or heartbreaking loss are two very different things. Not a one of us can escape it. Designed into each of our lives are many losses, some more traumatic than others: a loss of job, of an identity, of relationships, loss of a home, of our beloved pets, of a life we thought was ours, and of course, the lives of those we love. All individual. All loss. Grief is deep. And painful. But grief also provides us each the

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