A Quiet, Empty Beach for a Perfect Reboot

“Listen to silence. It has so much to say.” – Rumi If you’re going to give the therapy that is silence a try, a beautiful place to do it is on a peaceful, empty beach. Just not during Nyepi. An annual Hindu celebration observed in Bali, Indonesia, Nyepi is the Festival or Day of Silence. All its beaches and streets are quietly abandoned on a day dedicated to introspection, meditation and prayer. For those 24 hours, there is no working, entertainment, electricity, travelling or talking. The disconnection from the world is thought to spark reconnection with oneself. In 2018, the country’s phone companies turned off internet access in honor of the sacred, silent day - forcing everyone to unplug

A Little Silence Can Heal Harried, Overconnected Lives

“We are living at the pace of machines” – Pico Iyer and “it’s faster than the heart can digest.” – Mark Nepo The speed with which we race through our days and through our lives is exhausting. Our lives are busier. The world is crazier. Is this really progress? Add to this the constant bombardment and relentless noise of the world around us which we allow to dominate our lives, night and day – all from the little screen in our hand. “Never before has humanity had such a bombardment around the clock.” – Pico Iyer Bombardment and silence Studies have shown that today’s constant demands on our attention causes us mental and physical stress. The always-connected world allows less and less time fo

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