Ancient Trees Tell Tales of Resilience and Hope

“The audacious hope of rooted things…” – Cynthia Bond, Ruby In nature, the tree and the forests in which they reside are ancient and powerful symbols of resilience. An undercurrent of stubborn determination runs throughout the natural world. Despite the harshest of conditions, life wants to live. Life wants to thrive. All of nature is a wonderful symbol of this hope. Pine trees especially have long symbolized this resiliency, strength, wisdom and longevity in many cultures including that of many Native Americans. For some tribes of the Southwest, the pine tree is regarded as sacred - with its sap, bark needles and nuts used in medicines. Around 150 million years old, there are about 150 sepa

A Formula for Resilience Can Keep Us Going in Increasingly Tough Times

“Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it.” ― Helen Keller There’s been so much tragedy and human loss in the news recently – and more than the usual-shameful amount. Persistent headlines of violent crime: so many victims and families destroyed and the rest of us also afflicted as we watch helplessly from the sidelines. Worse yet is just the sheer relentlessness. Future tragedy simmers in basements, likely unstoppable. This new unwelcome reality, all the trauma and inhumanity on the daily – it’s taking its toll. Is it possible to adapt to the societal chaos, this new normal that shows no signs of slowing? This is when the behaviors, thoughts and

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